The vast majority of the products that we use here at BE:WELL come from the DNA beauty line, these products are made by a homeopathic doctor in Ventura, California. We use these products because we believe in their ethos: they have exceptional quality control, no secondary packaging, and are not mass marketed.


In fact, Doctor Angular actually started the line not to make money but to help burn victims. DNA’s aesthetic focuses more on putting funds into the prices than marketing and that’s why the product quality is so exceptional. All the celebrities use these products; they’re 100% organic and use 100% whole constituents of ingredients, meaning, they’re not denatured or departiclized in a lab.

DNA products are naturally-derived, meaning that everything comes from nature. At BE:WELL, our goal is to help clients discern products and understand the science—why they actually work. We’re in a time where technology is rampant, and the mass media is constantly trying to shove products down our throats. We want to empower women and help them discern the good products from the chemically-infused one. We believe quality skin-care is an educational process. We understand the desire to purchase the new and upcoming products—and we want our clients to actually understand the benefits and risk factors of each key ingredient; we want our clients to be able to distinguish the products worth purchasing from those with an expensive marketing campaigns. Price does not dictate the quality!


We also use specific products from various high-performing organic lines, such UMA. It’s about the right combination of ingredients. We take every little detail into consideration when choosing what products to put on our shelves. For example, we recognize that stem cells are totally different than a live animal derived stem cell, and this is something that is often overlooked in skin-care lines.