At BE:WELL, we strive to provide the finest, high-impact, low maintenance, non-toxic services to bring ease and grace to your beauty world and daily routine.  

Our keratin based lash lift service tops our list of favorite ways to treat our lashes by using formaldehyde-free nutrients that strengthen, lengthen and darken lashes for up to 12 weeks.  We lift them from the root/base of lash line straight up, so they give the perfect openness to any eye and and adds extra length to all natural lashes.  

Ditching your lash curler is absolutely a reality with this service, even the mascara if you want.  This service is a total game-changer and perks up any set of amazing alternative for those who want a completely natural look or for those who who are not able to tolerate lash extensions.

lash lift image.JPG
Amber Westfall