Micro-current Facials, the Non-Invasive Face-Lift

Micro-current facials are like pilates for your face.  This stimuli gives a full workout for the facial muscles to be restored back to their original state of youthfulness.  In other words, your muscles lose their connective fibers and fall or migrate with the aging process and the micro-current works to strengthen, recondition and re-educate them.  

Over time, the results of this process are profoundly cumulative.  Micro-current can take years off a person’s biological age.  Plus, it is a non-invasive, detoxifying, and a mildly stimulating process that puts the body into a parasympathetic and healing state.  


With each treatment combined with our signature Stem Cells application, we address 1 new layer of skin at a time.   Considering there are 7 layers in the epidermis, results are cumulative and with regular treatment can yield incredible revision results in less than 6 months.  

At Bewell Skincare We also offer body micro-current treatments which can be done simultaneously while an individual is receiving a facial for maximum therapeutic value and time saving efforts.