All About Lips

All about your lips and how they are different from the rest of your skin, from our friends at Fitglow Beauty: 

Lips allow us to produce sounds, to express emotions, and to kiss those we love. In fact, kissing is how we share key DNA information with a potential love interest in order to see if we are a match. Because of their thin skin, and numerous nerve endings, the lips play an important role for both evolutionary and personal reasons. However, due to their unique nature, lips need extra care to keep them kissable and soft.

No other part of our body shares the same skin structure as our lips. Although all skin is composed of three main layers, the same three layers are different on our lips. Your deepest layer is the dermis; this is where sweat glands and hair follicles are located. The next layer is the epidermis, this is the layer responsible for producing new cells as well as melanocytes, the cells that are responsible for producing melanin(Melanin is what is responsible for giving our skin its colour, it also helps protect us from UV rays). Lastly, the stratum corneum; this layer is a thin protective layer essentially composed of dead skin cells.

Our lips look different from the rest of our skin primarily because of their red appearance. The thin stratum corneum—thinner on our lips than anywhere else on our body—as well as the lack of melanin in the lips, allows the underlying red blood-vessels and capillaries to show through, resulting in their ruby hue. The lack of melanin and the thin skin also makes the lips more susceptible to sunspots and skin cancer. Also, our lips have no sweat glands, no hair follicles, and no sebaceous glands. These are critical in protecting and moisturizing the skin all over our body. As such, your lips are more prone to dryness and chapping. The only natural source of protection your lips have is saliva, and as those who have experienced winter and cold wind know, it isn’t very effective at preventing dry, cracked and painful lips.

Soft, plump lips are both sultry and seductive. To keep them looking healthy, or to bring back some of their youthful density, protect yourself from UV rays by wearing a wide brimmed hat, avoiding tobacco use, eating a colourful plant-based diet, and treating your lips to a nourishing serum.  Fitglow Beauty’s new Lip Colour Serum contains vegan collagen and plant antioxidants that work together in order to make lips look fuller, healthier, and help them regain their youthful appearance.  Not only will you be applying a gorgeous color to your lips, you will also be providing them with an evidence based treatment.

Take care of the tender skin of your lips. Keep them looking healthy, plump and youthful by caring for them with products that won’t just provide them with a cool hint of colour, but that will also provide nourishment for long term results. 


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Amber Westfall