BE : Hydrated this holiday season

Hydration is the most important element to skin longevity and that youthful, dewey glow is at the top of the list for almost every major client concern during the winter months in Seattle. And we aren’t talking just drinking half your body weight in ounces of water a day (although that is crucial as well!).

External or topical skin hydration happens in a two fold process, yes that’s right, the power of a TWO step process!  Contrary to the oh-so popular belief that simply using the most occlusive, hydrating and sometimes most expensive moisturizer on the planet will give us that glowey goddess look, but the most overlooked factor is EXFOLIATION!

It has to happen first in order for us to allow product penetration and for all those beautiful molecules like hyaluronic acid to do their magic in the intercellular matrix.  That exfoliation needs to happen also in a super smart way using gentle acids like Lactic, Azelaic, Mandelic, or enzymes so we don’t strip the skin of all it’s natural oils — those are the “healthy coat” that protects our barrier function and helps us keep moisture in.

Using smart skin care at home is essential to maintaining results and our ultimate loves are anything from Sapelo Skincare and Intraceuticals.  These two science-driven lines have made their mark on the intricate process of hyaluronic acid layering and creating skincare protocols that are meant to keep the incredible nutrients and antioxidants in your skin while fighting off free radical damage from chilly winter climates.

Check out our list of winter must-have skincare:

  1. Atoxalene Wand by Intraceuticals
  2. Intraceuticals Discovery Sets
  3. Divine Eyes
  4. Sapelo Step 3 | Keeping Your Skin Hydrated During The Winter Months | Be Well Skinspace
Amber Westfall