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“Where Science Meets Beauty”

Welcome to BE:WELL Skincare Edmonds & Seattle.  Our passion is to guide you to an entirely new level of healthy, radiant skin by utilizing the very best in conscious, ethically sourced, medical-grade and evidence-based skincare and therapeutic modalities.  We encourage a deep level of self love and healing through clean skincare regimens and practices.  

The end result is a premier, luxury facial experience that is customized and individualized entirely for you and your needs, while implementing the most cutting edge and breakthrough  modalities that are not only safe and effective, but also meticulously researched and vetted for your safety and unparalleled efficacy.  

It's time to BE WELL.


The BE:WELL Philosophy

At BE:WELL Skincare Seattle and Edmonds we are dedicated to coaching, providing and guiding you towards the highest level of beauty that is both medical-grade and safe. Our unique combination of medical-grade, organic and green products is unsurpassed in the industry, as is our level of education and background. We are committed to helping you build the ultimate skincare routine that lends to a flawless complexion and one that is perfectly suited to you and your unique needs and tastes.

At BE:WELL we take pride in our efforts to continuously analyze, learn, and vet current cutting-edge skincare methods. We are passionate educators for people who want to know the ins-and-outs of more conscious skin care modalities. Here at BE:WELL Skincare Seattle and Edmonds, we cater to all skin types based on practices that we have developed over more than a decade. We help our clients discern from the latest trends and rather, focus on our proven methodologies that serve a range of clients and skin conditions.

Our clientele is purposefully exclusive.

We thrive on developing long-term relationships with each client and it is the one-on-one connection and relationship with each patient that sets BE:WELL apart. We are a studio designed for those who desire a small, intimate environment where we can cater to all of your beauty and skincare needs.

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Amber is the owner and founder of BE:WELL Seattle and Edmonds Skincare. Her training is vast, including her licensure as a Master Aesthetician and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Her knowledge of the green and organic beauty world is unsurpassed in the Seattle-area. Coming from a background in Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, and Private Practice, she is a highly trained and experienced skincare expert and knows the ins and outs of creating your best skin care plan.

A self-proclaimed skin nerd and "skin-care architect" she is trained to know the value of all layers of the skin. As she puts it: “We are a medical spa without harsh chemicals or synthetic injectables— a luxury, conscious skin care center.”

This is where science meets beauty.


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